Friends of FBLA-PBL

“Hosting regionals was an awesome experience because it gave us a chance to showcase our school and community through FBLA.  It allowed people in our community to learn more about FBLA by volunteering, from our community outreach activities, and through sponsorships.  Bringing the regional competition to my area also was great for local businesses to get involved and meet students who will soon be entering the workforce.” - Mackenzie Boivin, Nekoosa High School, 2016-2017 Region II VP


FRIENDS OF WISCONSIN FBLA-PBL . . . an opportunity for you to make a difference!

Remember when you were a student and Wisconsin FBLA-PBL was part of your life?  

  • Remember being a member of your local FBLA or PBL chapter?  Maybe you served as an officer?

  • Remember trips to regionals, state, or even nationals?

  • Remember the loud cheering at the opening and closing sessions at the conferences?   Or maybe you remember staying in a hotel, meeting new people, and staying up late?

  • Maybe you remember long bus ride or your first plane ride?  How about going to stage to smile as you received an award?

  • Maybe you served as a Wisconsin State Officer or a National Officer?

  • Maybe there was a speaker at one of your local meetings or a workshop presenter or a main speaker who really sparked you?

  • Or maybe you remember eating pizza with fellow FBLA-PBL members and advisers or laughing A LOT?   

 Those memories bring smiles to our faces, and FBLA-PBL in Wisconsin is “alive and well!”  Wisconsin FBLA has over 6,000 high school members from over 180 chapters and over 500 middle level members from nearly 20 chapters.  These students participated in held leadership positions and attended leadership development conferences, competed in business focused competitive events at the regional, state and national level, local community service projects and learned more about careers in the business and information technology.

 But . . . they need your help!  Please consider supporting Wisconsin FBLA-PBL by participating in the new Friends of FBLA-PBL program, sponsored by the Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Foundation, Inc., which supports, sustains, and grows Wisconsin FBLA-PBL.  We raise funds to support the State Leadership Conference and help students who are moving on to nationals by supplying stipends.  

 By making a donation of any amount to the Friends of Wisconsin FBLA-PBL program, you can help reduce student fees for attending conferences, assist with leadership programming fees at the local level, and much, much more. The Foundation will direct 50% of your donation to the local FBLA or PBL chapter of your choice! The other 50% will be used to support statewide Wisconsin FBLA-PBL activities.

 The Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports Wisconsin FBLA-PBL.