Why should I/our company support the Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Foundation, Inc.?

The Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Foundation, Inc. is focused supporting the students of Wisconsin in their pursuit of opportunities in business and IT related fields. The Foundation’s programs focus on providing opportunities (new and reactivated chapter grants and needs-based grants), rewarding successful opportunities (Premier Chapter Grant) and supporting the cornerstone activity of the state chapter (State Leadership Conference). We believe that through these programs we can Support, Sustain and Grow Wisconsin FBLA and create a lasting impact in communities now and the workplace of the future.

What percentage of donations go back to supporting FBLA-PBL?

The Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Foundation, Inc. directs nearly every dollar raised to support, sustain and grow Wisconsin FBLA-PBL. We balance donations received between funding current Wisconsin FBLA-PBL objectives and building the Foundation's endowment for Wisconsin FBLA-PBL's future. We have very minimal operating expenses as a Foundation, with most administrative expenses donated through our volunteer Board of Directors.

When / How are "Friends of FBLA" contributions returned to the local chapters?

Chapters are reimbursed annually after the conclusion of the State Leadership Conference. Friends of FBLA funds are combined with any other awards and grants that the chapter receives such as new or reactivated chapter grants or grants for successful completion of the Premier Chapter Program.