“The Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Foundation creates opportunities for Wisconsin FBLA-PBL members to pursue leadership, personal growth, volunteerism, and educational experiences that improve communities today and lives tomorrow.”



The Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports Wisconsin FBLA-PBL. The Foundation was formed in 1997 by former members and the state advisor. This group saw a need for additional non-governmental funds to enhance the activities of FBLA-PBL members and provide for a self-sustaining solution.

Today, the Foundation has an endowment of over $250,000 and provides $30,000 of support annually for Wisconsin FBLA-PBL members through stipends, scholarships, and sponsorships.

The Foundation is led by a group of dedicated volunteers with ties to FBLA-PBL as former members, advisors and parents. The board represents a diverse background of private industry and educators. 

The Foundation raises funds through contributions from:

• Current Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Members.
• Individuals influenced by their experience in Wisconsin FBLA-PBL
• Businesses committed to student leadership development. 

The Foundation supports Wisconsin FBLA-PBL students through: 

• Stipends for members who qualify for national competitions
• Scholarships for members to pursue higher education
• Sponsorship of leadership development activities for all members.

Strategic Objectives of the Foundation:

• Locate & Connect with Individuals Influenced by Wisconsin FBLA-PBL
• Actively Engage & be Visible to Current Wisconsin FBLA-PBL Members
• Build an Endowment Capable of Sustaining Wisconsin FBLA-PBL into the Future.


2016 State Leadership Conference Sponsors

Brian Johnson

Dr. Linda A. Kurth

Don & Judi Olson

Schoenike Family

John Werner